Join us on the Geek Train to Portlandia Fringe!

This year's conference, for our guests north of Portland will have the added benefit of taking the Geek Train to the conference. Not only will you have this great benefit, but it'll only cost $10 bucks! That's right fringe coders, $10 bucks for the ride down! So RSVP TODAY to join the Geek Train to .NET Fringe! Read on for the details!

Train Departure

Saturday, April 11th at 2pm, with an ETA into Portland at 5:50pm.


  • 1:40pm Arrive at train station in Seattle to join group for boarding. **
  • 2:00pm Departing Seattle King Street Station (i.e. you better be on the train)
  • 2:10pm We'll be seated and get setup for...
  • 2:15pm We'll break into teams of ~4 or so people (or however many of us there are we'll break out to a reasonable size groups).
  • 2:17pm I'll announce hacking goals and ideas for the teams and we'll launch into coding. More information will be announced soon, but suffice it to say we'll be planning a hack around geo and logistics based solutions! The solutions hacking begins!
  • - - - much hacking and enjoying of the trip occurs here! :) - - -
  • 5:00pm We announce who's completed what and we'll demo and discuss the app awesomeness of what we've managed to come up with.
  • 5:50pm or before we arrive in Portland and the fringe fun shall begin.

**If you're joining us along the route or coming in on the train from Vancouver BC let us know where your boarding station is. This way I can follow up with information regarding which car (It'll be the "Nerd Train to PDX" car, but I'll have the Amtrak car # also once we depart Seattle) we'll be located in and related information to the current status of our hacking.